Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is a branch of engineering field, deals with the utilization of natural sources and to create environment conditions compatible with sanitation criterion. Unlike other engineering branches, it is a kind of an engineering branch aims to give its own assets back to Nature itself, instead of exhausting the natural sources. Nonrenewable sources has been reduced, environmental pollution has rose, natural assets has been demolished as a result of rapid progress in technological and industrial fields, especially in second half of 20th century. Waste products have been multiplied in years, proportionally to the alteration in the life style and industrial development. A new engineering branch, which covers multiple disciplines in together due to its chemical and biological structure called Environmental Engineering, arises today, on account of environment pollution which becomes a global problem as it was regional problem in the past. The prime activity field of Environmental Engineering is to research technological solutions and take preventive measures to remove waste products penetrating through water, atmosphere and earth. We can make use of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemistry and biology disciplines for treatment projects, especially treatment of waste products of industrial plants. The major issues for an environmental engineer can be defined as: design, construction and operating of a waste treatment plant concerning housing and industrial zones, design and construction of water network, transmission lines, sewage systems. Furthermore, environmental engineering deals with issues such as potable water treatment, recycling of waste water, environmental impact assessment, inter-plant process control, research of sanitary technologies. It is too important to educate environmental engineers in order to detect and reduce the negative effects of the pollution which penetrates rapidly through water, atmosphere and earth. Our object should be to create an inhabitable and healthy environment by protecting nature and to build up new environmental policies upon sustainable development parallel to technological and industrial progress. OPTIM has been in service in related branches as follows: Environmental Impact Assessment, Sanitation projects, Treatment plants, Transmission lines, water supply and distribution, infrastructural studies, cadastral works and surveying, geodesic studies.