Engineering Structures

Numerous engineering structures has been constructed throughout history of engineering to provide continuity of transportation in the presence of geographical hazards. Engineers have produced different kind of solutions against different kind of curbs. Thereby, a great many of viaducts, bridges and tunnels has been constructed that leads progress of civilizations. The aim of Civil Engineering, is to construct structures compatible with safety and economy criterion. Safety is the first priority in construction works. The economical solutions are searched on the basis of safety criterion. A civil engineer, at first analyses the utilization purpose of a structure, before starting design process. In second step, the appropriate material is determined for design. Meanwhile, mechanical and physical attributions of selected material, is tested in order to provide the compatibility with complete structure. On the other hand, appropriate manufacturing conditions and economic ways of design and construction solutions are researched for a fine work. In design phase, firstly a mathematical model of the structure to be constructed is created and pre-dimensioned. Finally, pre-dimension is tested for safety limits by using appropriate calculations. OPTIM makes up a principle to design and supervise environment friendly projects upon doctrine safety first. OPTIMs engineering studies, design and consultancy services in field of engineering structures are as follows; Multi-level Interchanges, Major Superstructures (Viaducts, Bridges, Cross-overs, Tunnels), Secondary Superstructures (Underpasses, Culverts, Menholes) and drainage channels.